Murder Case Clues Sought

Who killed 20-year-old Mrs. Anita Taylor?

Why was the seemingly happily married mother of a 18-month-old son so brutally beaten in the family home at 415 S. Ludlow av. late Friday or early Saturday?

Why did the slayer inflict serious injury to the child?

Springfield police Saturday had little information on the answers to these questions.

The where, how and when questions are answered, but the questions of why and who were unanswered.

Capt. Francis J. Shaffer, head of the police division's detective force, maintained Saturday night there were no concrete leads in the slaying, the second within one week in the city.

Clark County Prosecuting Attorney James A. Berry, who visited the scene Saturday, said that while the woman was brutally beaten, he understood that the actual cause of death was when the assailant stepped on the neck of the fallen victim.

Mr. Berry also said he understood that several persons were questioned by police Saturday but none were still in custody. "My information is second-hand," he commented.

Mrs. Taylor was discovered dying on the floor of her bedroom at 1:50 a.m. Saturday by her husband, Larry, 21, as he returned from work at a local plant. He had checked out of the plant at 1:36 a.m., had reportedly ridden home as a member of a car pool, and the Fire Division emergency squad and police responded to a call to the Ludlow av. address at 1:52 a.m.

Robbery was certainly not a ... (incomplete scan)