The Unsolved Murder of Anita Taylor

This is the real story of a family trying to solve the murder mystery of their beloved daughter, sister, wife and mother.

More than 40 years ago, someone entered our home and beat and raped my mother, Anita Taylor, leaving her to die. My father, Larry Taylor was at work during the gruesome act and, upon returning home from work, found his wife barely alive and myself badly beaten. Mom was pronounced dead on arrival to the hospital. She had drowned in her own blood. I survived, sustaining a broken left leg and bruises over my entire body. Since I was found in my crib I can only surmise that a mother's love led to her untimely death, with me being used as a 'bargaining chip' for the attacker.

This website was started with the help of many people, and with the help of even more concerned individuals it may produce enough information to eventually lead us to the person or persons responsible.

With the help of the internet and news coverage, we need to solve this murder case. Read the news articles, learn what happened and contact me if you have any leads.

—Aaron Taylor
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Taylorcase News Update:
DNA Tests Performed

Recent technological enhancements in DNA extraction methods have enabled our most recent tests to yield a DNA Standard from evidence collected at the crime scene.

Be sure to check back soon for further updates.

Cincinnati Web Design | Cincinnati Mobile Web Design William H. Smail is suspected of killing Anita Taylor. William Smail lives in Houston, Texas.